Our Wines

Félix de Biac

In keeping with his musical siblings, Félix de Biac is the happy tune one sings under the shower! Easy to remember (drink), Félix is the friendly companion to your relaxed meals.

The blending of Félix is, nonetheless, just as carefully thought out as for our other two red wines. We make sure his character and structure are well defined. Félix is fruity, fresh, pleasurable, and can even be served slightly cooler on warm summer nights. Drink it young without hesitation: it is ready to be enjoyed at the popping of the cork.

Food Pairing

Barbecues and Argentinian Asados: sausages, lamb chops, hamburgers, grilled sardines, grilled vegetables
Cottage Pie or “Hachis Parmentier”
Lebanese Kefta and Potato Dish
Blueberry Tart

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