Our Wines

Secret de Château Biac

Secret de Château Biac is the summer song of the vineyard: the tune you hum when you are happy…

Made with the utmost respect for the time honored Bordeaux tradition of sweet wine making, the grapes picked for this golden nectar, are chosen meticulously one by one in several passages dictated by the presence of the Noble Rot: Botrytis Cinerea.

Drink it cool, but not too cold. Close your eyes and let the enchanting aromas of dried apricots, white peaches and white flowers take you to the hilltop where it stems from… Life will be that much better!

Food Pairing

Carpaccio of Scallops with Light Curried Olive Oil
Butternut Squash Soup with Caramelized Apples
Lobster with Mango Sauce
Foie Gras
Roquefort Cheese
Tarte à l’Orange
Warm Lemon Soufflé

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