Our Wines

“The vines produce a wine of character, finesse, elegance , highly enjoyable; it is ranked amongst the first growths of the region” Editions Feret 1874

Following in Patrick Leon ‘s footsteps, his son,  Bertrand Leon, now oversees the making of our three red wines. Benefitting from Patrick ‘s invaluable rich and varied experience and in collaboration with our son Gabriel, they continue to push the post further to reach the best expression of the year’s vintage. Every year, we listen to what the vintage tells us of how our terroir has fared that year: this is why we do not have a set blending recipe for our wines. For instance, the 2008 and 2011 vintages have a high proportion of Cabernets Sauvignons ; whilst the other vintages are predominantly rich in Merlot .At every stage of the vine growth, and every stage of the winemaking, we will try to fine tune the process so that what you will (hopefully) drink, will give you the most pleasurable memory of our wines.

Christine Sourdes is in charge of our sweet wine: Secret de Chateau Biac and our dry white wine, Felicie de Biac. Making sweet wines is especially difficult: it requires a lot of dedication and focused attention. The process involves an unpredictable delicate balancing act between weather, humidity, fungus, and various types of rotting effects on the grapes over a period of several days, sometimes weeks! The Biac terroir, however, lends itself beautifully to the creation of Secret and with Christine on board since day one, the very limited production of Secret de Chateau Biac has seduced our guests all over the world by its freshness and delicious aromas.

We like to think it is reminiscent of the soft breeze flowing uphill from the Garonne River, the balmy summer sunshine which bathes our Semillon grapes, and  the wild flower meadow lying at their feet.

In 2008, we introduced carefully selected Sauvignon Blanc vines ( selection massale) on a small plot in order to perhaps bring some vivacity when necessary, to the Sweet wine blending. We quickly realised that we could also make a very refreshing and aromatic dry white wine. As Felicie seemed to be a hit with our visitors and under pressure from many of our clients, it is now available for sale , but remains just like Secret , a confidential limited production!

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