Our Wines

Château Biac

If one had to describe wines in musical terms, Château Biac is the great symphony! When all the instruments (read grape varieties, plots, weather, etc.) combined play beautiful music destined to last.

There is no set recipe to play this symphony: as each orchestra conductor has his way of interpreting the music, adapting it to what he thinks is the best reflection of the composer’s thoughts, so is our approach to blending our wines: every year, we listen to what the vineyard and the vintage have produced in order to shape Château Biac…

A “modern Bordeaux wine” as Steven Spurrier once wrote (Decanter 2010), it can be drunk early should you wish to, but it will also benefit from ageing in your cellar. How long for? How long can you wait….

Food Pairing

Braised Leg of Lamb

Lebanese Traditional Oriental Rice with Chicken

Roast Veal with Wild Mushrooms

Cep Risotto

Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Dark Cherry Jam

Dark Chocolate Fondant or Mousse

Red Fruit Crumble

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