Our Wines

B de Biac

Let’s continue our musical journey: as all the instruments (plots) of our vineyard are of equal quality, the wine which makes up the B de Biac blend stems from the same plots as for Château Biac, it is only a different music to be listened to (consumed) on a different occasion.

Musicians of the same orchestra do not perform all together: some will play chamber music rather than a big symphony. B de Biac is our Chamber Orchestra: it is a blend borne from the same plots as Château Biac but with a view to being drunk more readily. Fruity and fresh, it is a good companion for relaxed encounters.

Food Pairing

Traditional Lebanese Artichoke Stew with Rice
Spaghetti Bolognese
Cottage Pie
Farmhouse Paté
Roast Duck with Wild Mushrooms
Raspberry Mousse

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