The Old Barn

The Old Barn (up to 16 people sitting down): apparent wooden beams, stone fireplace views over the vineyard and the river as well

The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room: ( up to 18 guests sitting down): painted ceiling by a local artist, oriental and French furniture, and whenever possible , the outside courtyard can also be used.

Tony’s Olive garden

Tony’s Olive garden: up to 18 guests for sit down private dinner or up to 50 for a cocktail reception. This “Mediterranean “space is located within our wildflower meadow overlooking the Garonne River meandering at our feet. Should the weather suddenly not be cooperative, we can move the party to the Tasting room, the Old Barn and in some special circumstances , into the winery depending on what is happening there.

Please contact us on : for more details or to share your wishes.

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